An Independent Episcopal Day School for Ages 3 Through 12th Grade in Burlington, New Jersey

Distinctively Doane

first day of school

Doane Academy begins the school year in a way that is profoundly meaningful and joyous. The entire school community, including students, faculty, family, alumni, and members of the board of trustees, gather on the bank of the Delaware River to celebrate the start of the new school year and welcome the members of the senior class as they arrive by canoe for the first day of school. It is a moment for seniors to reflect on how the school community will look to them to become leaders in the coming year. In addition, it is a magical way to open school for our youngest students, who track the seniors’ progress from the distant shore to the heart of Doane’s campus.


The culmination of Spirit Week, Homecoming is a time for alumni to return to campus for a day of fellowship, celebration, and entertainment. The day begins with a soccer tripleheader, with the returning alumni facing off against each other, followed by the Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys hosting rival teams. At midday, alumni and members of the school community share signature dishes for the enjoyment of all and the glory of Best of Homecoming accolades. The day ends with teams of students using slingshots, trebuchets, and other homemade siege engines to launch pumpkins across the Delaware, and students in grades 9-12 return to school at night for the Homecoming Dance.

doane's dungeon

Started by Upper School students in the 1980s, Doane’s Dungeon gives a literary twist to the traditional Halloween haunted house. Scary, spooky, and Shakespearean, the event turns the basement and corridors of our historic school into a haunted dungeon for an entire weekend. Drama students, as well as those interested in set design and lighting, work together to create scenes from classics such as Frankenstein, The Crucible, The Phantom of the Opera, and “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Open to the public, Doane’s Dungeon is one of the year’s biggest community events.

school family

The School Family program is a central part of Doane’s culture and represents its emphasis on character education across all grades. While many schools try to minimize interactions between the oldest and youngest members of the community, Doane consciously creates weekly opportunities for students to interact across all grade levels in a safe and caring environment. Doane students are placed into one of thirteen school families, each of which is comprised of students from our Primary program through grade 12 and led by faculty members who serve as “parents.” Students and teachers remain in the same family throughout their time at Doane, thereby creating friendships that grow, evolve, and deepen over years.

christmas mystery

The Christmas season’s centerpiece at Doane is the annual performance of the Christmas Mystery. Originated in 1848 by St. Mary’s Hall boarding students who were unable to travel home for the holidays, the Mystery is a play celebrating the birth of Jesus. Performed word for word as it was written so long ago (the current script dates from 1930), the Christmas Mystery is one of our most beloved traditions. Each year Upper School students vie for a part in the performance, with the parts of Mary and Joseph reserved for the senior boy and girl who have been at the school the longest and the part of Jesus filled by the baby of a Doane family or faculty member. The play is performed in the morning for students in grades Primary-8, and the evening performance for students in grades 9-12 is followed by a dinner that includes the reading of student holiday season reflections and the singing of “Silent Night.”

founder's day weekend

An alumni celebration of the school’s founder, Bishop George Washington Doane, and his enduring, revolutionary vision of providing educational opportunities to young women takes place every May. A weekend long series of events inspires alumni to relive their days at Doane alongside their longtime friends and share their stories with current students. Each year’s Founder’s Day Weekend pays special tribute to classes celebrating their major reunions.

senior affirmations

Affirmations are designed to make seniors strong as they head off to college by reminding them of what they have given the school community and emphasizing the unique traits that make them so worthy of admiration, love, and respect. During a given senior’s Affirmation, a selection of faculty members and fellow students speak about them before the student body, and many more record their tributes in writing for that senior to carry with them as they move into the future.

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