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Our Studio Incamminati Students' Art Work at Freeman’s Auction House

Many of our Studio Incamminati students, including Maddie Miller, Eliana Harrison,Eva Kozlowski and Emily Sohn, Ben Mathews, David Di, Liquin Zhang, Diana Fine,Brianna Newman, Titus Flowers, Pattie Sullivan, Sarah Scioli, and Tim Nerveza, were honored to have their work on display for a week at Freeman’s Auction House, in Philadelphia. This coincided with an exhibition and sale of paintings by Studio Incamminati graduates’ and instructors’, all to benefit Studio Incamminati’s Scholarship Program.

Many members of the Doane Academy family, including Headmaster George Sanderson, several faculty, as well as a few students and alumni turned out for the elegant opening evening reception, on Tuesday, July 12th. Everyone enjoyed the art on display, as well as the demonstrations that were given that evening. Studio Incamminati Board President, Jay Penne, spoke to the crowd about carrying on the work of co-founder Nelson Shanks, who passed away in August of 2015, and then showed a short and yet very inspirational video entitled “His Vision in Our Hands”

During this re ception, a woman happened to see Doane student Maddie Miller’s painting, hanging with all of the other high school art, and was quite pleased with it. She said to her friend that was with her,”I would buy that painting!” But it had no price on it. Perhaps it was not for sale, she mused to her friend. The friend encouraged her to inquire. The next day, Maddie and the prospective client had the chance to speak on the phone. They negotiated a price and concluded the sale of the painting.

Robin Frye, one of our Studio Incamminati instructors, mentioned how proud she is of Maddie, saying, “Selling art is in some ways harder than making the art, you have to be confident, approachable, and willing to let go of your work for a fair price, not always a hit-it-out-of-the-park price.” She went on to say that it is very impressive that Maddie’s painting sold at Freeman’s, the oldest auction house in America, and one with a highly prestigious reputation. She just might be the youngest person to ever succeed with a sale there.

We are all very proud of Maddie and of all of our Doane Academy Studio Incamminati students, and we could not be more pleased with our partnership with this leader in the world of art, Studio Incamminati.

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