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An Doane Celebrates the Arts with a Day of Special Programs

On Friday, April 28th, Doane Academy dedicated the school day to the appreciation of the Arts. While nearly all of our students are participants in the arts in some form across the school year, there aren’t enough opportunities for them to share their creativity with much of the rest of the student body…until now.

In one day, all were able to see, hear, and experience so much of what their classmates have created, practiced, and developed, and were treated to performances by two outside groups, the Roaring Twenties, an a Capella group from Princeton University, and also the Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble.

In the morning, students rotated through three performance areas.Some of the middle division drama students performed an improvisational work, in our theater, where they began scripted performances but were then redirected, via audience participation, which led to many a creative moment as actors needed to extend the narrative using whatever was thrown their way. In the chapel, the choir performed a number of amazing pieces that they had worked on all year long.At the same time, two staff members who are also Studio Incamminati teachers, Robin Frey and Jarred Fisher, discussed the many aspects of realist art and the business of becoming a professional artist.While they spoke, senior Eliana Harrison worked on a demonstration of painting from life.The band then set up in the Dining Hall and, dressed in tuxedos, performed a full set of pieces that energized the crowd. As students moved about in between different performances and demonstrations, they were able to view artwork of many varieties and of many age groups that had been put on display, in gallery style, throughout the first and third floor of Rowan Hall as well as around the walls of the Gymnasium.

This day of the arts was capped by two exceptional performances.The whole school community came to the gym, where they then sat by School Families, before being entertained by the Roaring Twenties singing group, who added their own original arrangements to several well-known songs.They were followed by the Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble, who not only sang, danced and explained the meaning of several traditional African dances, but also got about one hundred of those present to get up, join them in the performance area, and learn four parts of an African dance.The crowd roared with approval.Perhaps this statement by our Arts Department Director, Adrienne Mazar sums up what this event meant to the students:

“…students were so excited and inspired by how well they were received as performers, and by the wonderful African drum group that they stayed after school just to jam in the band room for quite some time!”

Mrs. Mazar added that she hoped that this day “…has inspired others to find their inner creativity.”

(A number of photos and videos from this day may be viewed on our Facebook page: )

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