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Society of Graduates

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The association for all graduates of St. Mary's Hall and Doane Academy is known as The Society of Graduates. Formed in 1875, it's one of the oldest alumnæ-alumni groups in the United States. Caroline L. Mitchell class of 1845 became the first president of the Society of Graduates in 1875 and served until 1893. Her medal was dipped in gold and is still worn by the president of the SOG.

A long heritage

The Society of Graduates (or SOG, as it's often abbreviated) offers a way for graduates of the school to keep in touch with one another and with the school. Ivy Leaves, the school magazine, has been published since 1892, longer than most American newspapers and magazines. Currently it's published twice a year. You can catch up with all your classmates in the class notes section and read about all the exciting things happening at Doane Academy in the in depth articles.

Another important and long-lived tradition of The Society of Graduates is the annual meeting and reunion on Founder's Day. The first Saturday in May is set aside to honor Bishop George Washington Doane, the founder of St. Mary's Hall. Here's a description of the day from the 1930s, which still describes accurately some of the main events of the day:

The order of procedure has changed very little: Chapel Service with Holy Communion, with a bishop or the chaplain officiating. A sermon preached either by our own Bishop or a visiting Bishop, whose message formerly was printed in full in the Record. The “crowning” of Bishop Doane's portrait has been an honor given to two members of the graduating class.

The Society of Graduates has its very own Facebook page, where you can catch up with your classmates, read about new developments at Doane Academy, or update your classmates. Click here to visit the SOG Facebook page.

President of the Society of Graduates

SOG presidentAudrey Akins Williamson ‘82 was elected President of the Society of Graduates in spring of 2017. She follows the presidency of Fred Mirsky ‘74, who led in the current growth and engagement of the alumni. Mrs. Williamson attended Rutgers University, graduating with a B.A. in Sociology and Economics. Formerly a Visiting Professor of Sociology, Religion and Gender Studies at Monmouth University, currently she is a Mentoring Consultant at the Union Theological Seminary in New York. Audrey is also an ordained minister in the Methodist Church, having been conferred the Master of Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary and the Master of Theology Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.