Small Classes and Big Ideas


Known, loved and encouraged to realize their full potential

At Doane Academy, students have an opportunity to experiment, change and grow as part of a 3-years of age through 12th-grade school atmosphere, where all students are known, loved, and encouraged to realize their full potential.

Our small class sizes and low student-faculty ratio allow our gifted and dedicated teachers to form close, trusting relationships with students and parents. Teachers communicate with parents on a regular basis (formally and informally) to form a working relationship in the education of the student. Parents and students have constant open access to view student progress via the RenWeb Gradebook portal. In a supportive and encouraging school culture, students form unique, positive relationships with teachers. Students will find their teachers accessible and easily approachable, and that the small class sizes allow teachers to accommodate their unique personality and learning style.

At the Lower School level, students are lead through explorations and studies in mathematics, language arts, science and social studies in a traditional self-contained classroom. Depending on grade level, students have two classes each week with specialists in the visual arts, music, foreign language, physical education, and Discovery. In all subject areas, teachers take advantage of every opportunity for their students to experience success. This is accomplished through a curriculum that encourages creativity, builds academic, social and physical skills, nurtures character development and enhances self-esteem.


The Upper School schedule is different for each student, allowing them to take courses based on their ability in each subject. All academic departments offer general college prep courses; many offer Honor and AP options. The extracurricular offerings are “extra” in that they are separate from the academic program, but they are an integral part of the strategy to develop character and leadership skills. The graduation requirements and the student/faculty culture encourage and inspire students to stretch and explore their full and unique potential.

Doane Academy’s mission sets it apart from most traditional college prep schools in that it emphasizes character and leadership development in every facet of the school climate and program. The number of schools that maintain character and leadership development as a priority equal to academic achievement is few. Doane Academy is one of them. It is part of our tradition that dates back to Bishop Doane’s vision and mission when he founded St. Mary’s Hall for young women in 1837.

In line with Doane Academy’s mission to create a culture where students are encouraged and inspired to stretch and explore their full and unique potential, we understand colleges, just like people, gravitate to students with an abundance of what writer D. H. Lawrence coined, “life force.” Students who are dynamos of energy and spirit, who fully develop their whole selves, and who actively pursue an interest with passion, simply leap off the page of an application and onto an acceptance list.