RCBC - College Accelerated Program (CAP)


Earn Both High School and College Credits

smiling studentDoane Academy has partnered with Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) to offer students taking selected courses an opportunity to earn both high school and college credits. The selected courses listed below are taught by Doane Academy faculty who have been certified by RCBC as adjunct professors. The CAP option is not intended to replace the AP program but offers another option for students who do very well in the classroom but struggle with standardized tests or test anxiety. Participation in the program requires approval from the Upper School Head and parents and payment of RCBC’s tuition ($150–$300 per course). Students must have enrolled in the fall, paid the RCBC tuition, and obtained a final grade of a B- or better in the course to be eligible for an RCBC credit. Please note that it is advisable for students to research the credit transfer policies of any college or university to which they intend to apply, as not all of them accept CAP credits.