An Independent Episcopal Day School for Ages 3 Through 12th Grade in Burlington, New Jersey

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 6 credits are required each year in grades 9–12, and a minimum of 24 credits are required for graduation. Although Doane Academy has minimum requirements, most students aim for the maximum coursework they can complete in a given year.

Doane Academy operates on a trimester system. Each course carries a credit-weight reflecting the class time commitment: 0.33 credit for a single trimester, 0.66 credit for two trimesters, and 1 credit for a full-year course.

The Doane curricular system also includes ‘cycles’ for each grade level of courses, rotating by trimester, which focus on college preparation, character and leadership.

Departmental Graduation Requirements

English - 4 credits
Mathematics - 3 credits (including at least Algebra II)
Social Studies - 3 credits
World and Classical Languages - 3 credits (including level III as a minimum)
Science - 3 credits (including Biology and Chemistry)
Fine/Performing Arts - 1 credit
Lead Onward Program - 1 credit per year
Physical Education (No credit/pass-fail requirement achieved through participation in extracurricular athletics)