Middle School Grades 6-8

A Message from the Head of Middle School

candid moments with middle school studentsDuring my 25-plus years as an educator, I have taught students ranging from pre-school to college-level. While all of my teaching experiences have been rewarding and worthwhile, I have always found working with middle-school aged students to be most fulfilling. Most adults recall their middle school years as challenging and somewhat tumultuous, myself included! While the middle school years certainly present unique challenges and tribulations, they also offer exciting opportunities for rapid intellectual and social development. During the Middle School years, students are naturally collaborative, inquisitive learners who are eager to engage in their world when nurtured and supported.

At Doane Academy, we strive to meet the unique cognitive and emotional needs of our Middle School students. Our team of Middle School educators work together to harness the students’ intellectual energy. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, a comprehensive advisory program, an exciting variety of Arts courses, and a myriad of extracurricular opportunities, our Middle School students are encouraged to explore all aspects of school life in a supportive yet challenging environment. In short, the Middle School at Doane Academy is a community of intellectually vibrant learners where students are known, loved, and encouraged to reach their unique potential. - Allison Baratta


Educating Towards Leadership: A Focus on Autonomy


Our Middle School Program is designed to help students gain a greater sense of autonomy while developing strong, ethical leadership skills. Components of this program include:

  • A rigorous, well-articulated grades 6-8 Lead Onward Curriculum taught by teachers and administrators
  • A comprehensive grades 6-8 Health and Wellness curriculum focused on self-care, healthy relationships, and emotional and physical well-being
  • Participation in Doane’s Rocks. Roots, and Wings outdoor education leadership program
  • Year-round opportunities to participate in team sports led by experienced middle school coaches
  • Various middle-school specific club offerings such as Student Ambassadors, S.T.E.A.M., Drama Club, Board Game Club, and Spanish Club.
  • Middle School Student Government
  • A student-centered Advisory Program led by Middle School teachers
  • Academic Enrichment periods built into the daily schedule


A Focus on Teamwork 

student outdoor activity




student outdoor activity

Learning Brought to Life

student on a school trip
Rocks, Roots, and Wings
candid moments with students in band performance
Finding an Artistic Voice
candid moments with students in river activity
S.T.E.A.M - Recycled Boat Races
soccer game candid
Developing the Mind, Body, and Soul