An Independent Episcopal Day School for Ages 3 Through 12th Grade in Burlington, New Jersey

Upper School Grades 9-12

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Offering a rigorous college preparatory program

Doane Academy has academics which challenge students to cultivate deeply resonant personal truths and develop empathetic perspectives that allow them to fully engage with the world around them.

Designed to foster increasingly high levels of autonomy at each grade level, our curriculum allows students to acquire the foundational academic knowledge required for their future studies while also keeping them focused on a critical truth: knowledge acquires its full potency and meaning only when used in the service of improving one’s self and one’s world. Building and sustaining strong relationships is at the heart of Doane’s culture and is a critical and ever-present part of our classroom environments. Teachers know, love, and encourage each of their students on a daily basis and in doing so, guide them to discover and articulate the ideas and learning approaches that inspire them.

Our faculty’s shared focus on our mission and our students’ growth is manifested in every element of our program. Our interdisciplinary S.T.E.A.M. program emboldens students to design a project which inspires them and will allow them to impress the dozens of judges who come to campus to evaluate their final presentations. Our English program requires students to take not one but two courses during 9th grade, one of which focuses exclusively on developing the writing skills one must have to communicate who they are and what they believe. Our unique partnership with Studio Incamminati, one of the nation’s foremost schools of art, teaches our students how to see the world in higher definition as they learn the techniques and principles of humanist realism. And through seminar-style conversations, our Lead Onward Program classes challenge students to have honest and open conversations about the issues which too often divide us. These offerings and many more guide students to reach their full potential by helping them know themselves and impact their world.

Academic Department Overview