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Affording Doane Academy

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The Two Most Important Questions You Will Ask

During your admissions search, the two most important questions you will ask are likely "What is the best school fit for my student and my family?" and "Can we afford the investment?"

As a School that believes in the pursuit of truth through faith and reason, we want to help you answer these important questions. If Doane Academy's combination of small community, academic curriculum and leadership building is the right, most appropriate school environment for your student and your family, then the investment is worth the pursuit. Doane Academy makes a strong commitment to ensuring a strong and diverse student body which includes assisting financial need. Students are encouraged to apply for admission regardless of their family's ability to meet the full cost of attendance.

In all endeavors, our focus is firmly fixed on individual students and individual families. Fittingly, then, financial aid is determined by each family’s unique financial situation and need. Please reach out to us so that we can help you attain the most accurate, most helpful information for you and your student.

Financial Aid FAQ

How do I apply for financial aid?

Through the SSS, Complete the PFS online at
(remember to request that the report be sent to Doane Academy, code #6808)

Submit copies of the following to the Admission Office:
  • W-2 forms
  • 1040 Federal Tax Form (including all schedules and if applicable Business/Farm Statement)

What are the financial aid deadlines?

January 15

PFS submitted to SSS (
Tax forms and schedules submitted to SSS
W2’s and/or 1099’s submitted to SSS
Signed IRS Form 4506T submitted to SSS (Previous year’s tax forms are acceptable)

March 10

Financial Aid letters are sent to families with letters of acceptance. All applications for admission are reviewed need blind.

April 10

Deadline to accept enrollment contract and financial aid award.

How does financial aid work at Doane Academy?

Doane Academy first evaluates financial aid for all returning families currently receiving aid or applying for aid for the first time, who have submitted the application and supplemental documents by the January 15 deadline. Doane then reviews financial aid applications for newly accepted students. Finally, Doane reviews financial aid applications for returning families and new families who completed their applications after the deadline. Funds will not be reserved after the January 15 deadline.

How are financial aid decisions made?

SSS is a service of the National Association of Independent Schools that assists independent schools in making financial need determinations. Based on the financial information you provide on the Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS), the SSS gives us an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. Because the SSS figure is only a recommendation and does not account for our school’s budget, The Financial Aid Committee will review the recommended award and work to meet as much of a family’s displayed need as possible.

Will applying for financial aid affect my admissions decision?

No, all applications for admission are reviewed need blind. Financial aid evaluations take place after a student is accepted.

Do families have to reapply for financial aid every year?

Yes, we ask that families complete the SSS each year in order for Doane to allocate the most accurate financial aid awards.

How will we know if we were awarded financial aid?

New Doane families will receive their financial aid award letter with their admission decision. Returning families will receive their financial aid award letters with their reenrollment contracts by February.

What about divorced or separated parents?

The financial capability of each natural parent is reviewed. If the custodial parent is remarried, the financial capability of the stepparents is also part of the determination. The SSS requires each natural parent and stepparent to submit the PFS form.

What is a financial aid waiting list?

While we work to meet the needs of all qualified candidates, we often receive more applications for aid than we have funds available. Accepted families who qualify for aid may be placed on a waiting list if all financial aid funds have been allocated. New and returning families who submit the financial aid after the January deadline may be place on the waiting list if funds are not available.

Does Doane Academy have merit scholarships?

Doane Academy does offer merit based scholarships to 9th and 10th Grade applicants. The Headmaster Merit Scholarship program awards a limited number of merit scholarships of between $2,000 and $12,000 to students who best exemplify, in their scholarship and character, the ideals upheld and valued by our school community. For more information about how to qualify, visit our Headmaster Merit Scholarship page.

Does Doane Academy allow payment plans?

Doane Academy enrollment contracts list 3 payment plan options:

  1. Pay in full by July.
  2. Two-Time Payment Plan (60% in July, 40% in January).
  3. Ten Month Payment Plan starting July.

Are there any discounts for siblings?

Doane Academy offers a 10% sibling discount for families with multiple children who do not receive financial aid.

Are there any discounts for military families?

Military families receive a $500 discount.

Is there a way to have an application fee waived?

Please email for more information about how to request a fee waiver.