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International Program

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Doane Academy believes that diversity in beliefs, cultures and points of view broadens and enhances the educational experience.

In fostering such an educational environment, Doane Academy enthusiastically welcomes international student applicants for the upcoming 9th–12th grades. Current and previous International students have found Doane Academy’s safe and encouraging school community a place where they are able to fully immerse themselves in American culture. Doane Academy’s college preparatory curriculum and extracurricular programs promote full English immersion and prepare students for global leadership.

Doane Academy’s small class sizes, SAT Prep and top college admissions counseling prepares students for higher level education in the United States. From their first day, international students are welcomed into a community of peers who are also preparing to be lifelong learners, responsible members of the school community and informed citizens of the world. International students who are interested in attending Doane Academy must be prepared to enrich their lives academically, socially and emotionally through an American high school experience.

Alumni Testimonial

Once I became part of Doane, I became part of a new family. A family that would, later on, have a huge impact on my life. During my years at Doane, I have formed close relationships with my teachers. They have helped me to succeed both academically and in life. Doane teachers are the type of teachers that would come to school early in the morning and stay after school to help you to learn. They would also chat with you during lunch to see how you are doing like your good old ...friends. They are the sun in the morning and the big dipper at night. They will always be there to assist you to walk the right path. Besides inspiring teachers, I was able to find encouraging friends at Doane and form lifelong friendships with them. It's been said that who you surround yourself with is who you become. Well, I am awfully glad that I found friends at Doane who, like the famous Instagram quote says, “push me to be and do better. No drama or mess. Just higher goals and higher heels. Good times and positive energy. No jealousy or shade. Simply bringing out the absolute best of each other.” Doane Academy is a school that would offer you a great education and a family that would push you to thrive.

Yueying Mary He '16

Academic Profile

  • Class of 2018: Top 15% Mean SAT Score: 1410 (out of 1600)
  • Class of 2018: Top 25% Mean SAT Score: 1382
  • Upper School Mean SAT Score: 1222
  • SAT score range - Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 540 - 760, Math 440 - 800
  • Over the last six years, 130 graduates earned approximately $20.5 million in scholarships, and have been accepted to over 500 colleges.
  • 100% of seniors attend 4-year college or university.
  • A sample of colleges and universities attended by Doane Academy students over a five-year period ('12-'16) include; New York University, Cornell University, Temple University, Lafayette College, Rowan University, George Washington University, Wake Forest University and more.
  • Click here to see a complete list of these colleges and universities.

International Admissions Checklist

  • Priority is given to students who apply for the 9th and 10th grade.
  • Admissions to the 12th grade will only be considered in special cases.
  • Doane Academy has no formal ESL program.
  • Students must have sufficient mastery of the English language (speaking, reading, and writing in English).
  • Students need a TOEFL Jr. score of at least 780.
  • Each applicant will interview via Skype.
  • Doane Academy does not have boarding facilities.
  • All international students are placed with host families.
  • If at all possible, placement will be with a family from within the school community.
  • All applicants must apply through CSIET organizations.
  • Students may not apply independent of a partner organization.
  • Each partner organization has its own application that has been approved by Doane Academy.
  • Teacher recommendations are required.
  • Transcripts are required.
  • Standardized test scores are required.

International News

Our Head of Upper School Travels to China

At Doane, as our Mission Statement says, we are "a community where all are known, loved, and strongly encouraged to discover their unique potential." In order for us to better "know" our students who have come to us from China our Upper School Head, Ran Holeman, was honored to be a guest of Ivy International (a support partner of ours who helps to connect us with Chinese students seeking international high school placement) for a week in China, where he got to see and immerse himself in China's culture. Mr. Holeman traveled to the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chendu and Chongqing. Mr. Holeman was also a guest at a conference presenting US schools, including Doane Academy, to prospective students.

Hometowns of Our Current International Students

  • Shuxuan “Haley” Chen – Hometown: Jiangsu
  • Yifei “Williamson” Gu – Hometown: Urumqi
  • Yuting “Vivian” Wang – Hometown: Hangzhou
  • Peixuan “Alan” Liu – Hometown: Wuhan
  • Junwen “Richard” Zhong – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Xuesong “Wendy” Chen – Hometown: Beijing
  • Qianyi “Caroline” Dong – Hometown: Guangzhou
  • Yu “April” Yan – Hometown: Nanchang
  • Lujie “Myrcella” Yang – Hometown: Nanchang
  • Riquing “Ray” Zhang – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Zhaoming "Albert" Hu - Hometown: Shanghai
  • Xinyu "Fiona" Deng - Hometown: Kunming
  • Wenxi "Luke" Lu - Hometown: Dongguan
  • Jinming "Jimmy" Zhang - Hometown: Datong

Sport Accomplishment Promoted in China

For More Assistance

Director of Admission

International Program Liaison

Parent Organizations

Doane Academy partners with international organizations affiliated with the Council on Standards for International Education and Travel (CSIET). Partner organizations will bring applicants through the admission process, manage logistics and secure appropriate homestay placement. While Doane Academy is open to working with new partner organizations, the following agencies are the school’s preferred partners.

  • Ivy International
  • C&T Education Ltd.
  • Educare International
  • Princeton Educational Services

Host Families

Home-stays with a host family are a crucial experience for international students. As a host family, bringing the world into your home is a unique, enriching and rewarding experience for yourselves (and your children). Doane Academy and the school’s partner organizations strive to make sure that hosting comes at no extra cost and that 24/7 emergency support is available, so that host families and international students can focus on cultural immersion.