School Uniforms


2023-2024 Uniform Requirements

This school year we will be adding a polo option for students in 6-12th grade. Polos will be available for purchase from Lands End around August 16th.  At their main page, select “SCHOOL” on the top banner and then “SHOP BY SCHOOL”.

Lower School Uniform Requirements and Options


Middle School (Grades 6-8)

All students are required to wear:

  • A short or long-sleeved blue oxford shirt
  • One of the approved pieces of lower body attire (dress pants or skirts).  
  • A brown or black leather belt is required with dress pants
  • Brown or black leather dress shoes
  • Dark blue or black socks  or tights
  • Students who identify as male are required to wear a tie every day.  Any student may choose to wear a tie.
  • Shoes with heels, closed toes, and soles that allow for quick movement if necessary. The following types of shoes are not permitted:
    • Crocs or other foam shoes
    • Sandals
    • Slippers
    • Shoes with wheels
    • Platform shoes
  • Polos do not need to be tucked in (and do not require a tie) 
  • Polos are available for all genders
  • Lastly, this polo is an addition, not a replacement; students may still wear button-down oxford shirt and tie if they choose.

There are some hallways and classrooms that are cooler than others, especially in the cold winter months.  Students also need to go outside between some of their classes.  For these reasons, students are encouraged to have an approved piece of Doane Academy outerwear, such as a sweater or fleece, with them at school.  All outerwear items on the Flynn & O’Hara website are approved, as are all items in the “Pullovers'' and “Jackets” sections of the Doane Spirit Store

Upper School (Grades 9-12)

Doane Academy celebrates many proud and long standing traditions including the school uniform. It is expected that students who opt to attend the school wear the uniforms as they were intended to be worn. As a result, students are expected to accept feedback about specific clothing choices that run counter to the uniform’s purpose.

The base uniform includes the following items:

  • Blue oxford or blue polo shirt with school logo. Oxford shirts must be tucked in. 
    • Oxford shirts are available through Flynn and O’Hara.
    • Polo shirts are available through Lands End.
  • Dress pants or skirt. Dress pants must be worn with a brown or black leather belt.
    • Pants and skirts are available through Flynn and O’Hara.
  • Shoes with heels, closed toes, soles, and a solid back. 

On formal occasions, such as All School Meetings, Chapel Services, graduation and other special events throughout the year, Upper School students must also wear a navy blue blazer with school emblem. No other outerwear is permitted on formal occasions. 

Students may elect to wear the following items:

  • Doane tie (available through Flynn and O’Hara)
  • Navy blue, black or gray tights under skirts.
  • Approved outerwear
    • Doane branded outerwear (school sweater, team jackets, team tops and sweatshirts)
    • A plain black, navy, or dark gray top such as a sweater or fleece. 

Baseball hats and other headwear may be worn outside but not in academic buildings. Exceptions will be made for the practice of one’s religion. 

To make purchases from Flynn & O’Hara, please visit their website at or one of their stores. 
To make purchases from Lands End, please visit their website at At their main page, select “SCHOOL” on the top banner and then “SHOP BY SCHOOL”.  School Number: 900138595