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Our Head of Upper School Travels to China

At Doane, as our Mission Statement says, we are "a community where all are known, loved, and strongly encouraged to discover their unique potential." In order for us to better "know" our students who have come to us from China our Upper School Head, Ran Holeman, was honored to be a guest of Ivy International (a support partner of ours who helps to connect us with Chinese students seeking international high school placement) for a week in China, where he got to see and immerse himself in China's culture. Mr. Holeman traveled to the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chendu and Chongqing. Mr. Holeman was also a guest at a conference presenting US schools, including Doane Academy, to prospective students.

Hometowns of Our Current International Students

  • Jaiyi “May” Xu – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Shuxuan “Haley” Chen – Hometown: Jiangsu (Outside of Shanghai)
  • Yifei “Williamson” Gu – Hometown: Urumqi (Northwest of China and west on Mongolia)
  • Yuting “Vivian” Wang – Hometown: Hangzhou (Outside of Shanghai)
  • Peixuan “Alan” Liu – Hometown: Wuhan (Between Shanghai and Chongqing)
  • Junwen “Richard” Zhong – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Xuesong “Wendy” Chen – Hometown: Beijing
  • Qianyi “Caroline” Dong – Hometown: Guangzhou (Outside of Hong Kong)
  • Yan “April” Yu – Hometown: Nanchang (8 hours from Shanghai)
  • Lujie “Myrcella” Yang – Hometown: Nanchang (8 hours from Shanghai)
  • Riquing “Ray” Zhang – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Gouxu Mark” Mou – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Gouzhang “Michael” Mou – Hometown: Shanghai
  • Xinyue “Shirley” Zhang– Hometown: Chongqin