An Independent Episcopal Day School for Ages 3 Through 12th Grade in Burlington, New Jersey


Middle and Upper School Students Embark on a Journey Filled with Education

During the first week of school, middle and upper school students set out on a number of trips, all part of our signature program called Rocks, Roots & Wings. These trips are an important aspect of our character and leadership development programs. These 3-days/2-nights trips take students beyond the boundaries of campus to places of historical, natural, and cultural significance. For most students, the activities, environment, expectations, and rewards are very different from those they experience in their daily lives. Supporting and being supported by their classmates makes this a powerful bonding experience and an essential part of helping students understand what it means to contribute to a greater community. Pushed out of their comfort zones by design, students are individually encouraged to test their limits and discover their second wind, and at the end of these trips, they often find that their self-confidence, willingness to take the initiative, teamwork, and maturity are significantly and often permanently enhanced.

An example of the Rocks, Roots and Wings experiences, our freshman class travels to Philadelphia, immersed in the early history of our nation. At the Museum of the American Revolution, our 8th graders work on team building and learning rhythms and tempos from Musical IQ. The students play African drums called djembe and work together to establish and follow rhythms using a technique called “call and response.”