The Arts at Doane


The desire students have to express themselves creatively under the guidance our Arts faculty members is a wonderful representation of our mission.

In a way that is unique within the scope of students’ academic endeavors, Arts courses expose students to the concept of mastering a discipline, a word that signals the dedication, attention to detail, and creativity required to attain excellence. Students in these courses learn to see and hear the world more clearly through the process of making art and in doing so, experience powerful moments of self-discovery.

Of particular note is our unique and innovative partnership with Studio Incamminati, a leading school of Contemporary Realist Art based in Philadelphia. 

To view some of our students' arts-related work and learn more about our partnership with Studio Incamminati, please contact our Admission Office to schedule a campus visit.

We feel it is important to give students the opportunity to pursue multiple artistic interests, and as such, we have created the Arts Major/Arts Minor structure for students in grades 7-12. Completion of a Major course earns a student 1 credit, and completion of a Minor course earns a student a .5 credit.


student art




student choral performance