Doane Academy Choir


Upper School Choir

Upper School Choir is a vocal ensemble of singers in grades 7-12 that performs throughout the year in concert and in chapel services and travels locally to sing in festivals and competition. The course welcomes singers of any level of experience and trains them to read music, to sing in harmony, to embody rhythm and to both blend and project as an ensemble. Students will experience music of varied times and cultures, from the European Renaissance to contemporary global music. Students will perform American folk music, jazz, gospel and show tunes with instrumental and body percussion parts and with basic choreography. The course challenges students to lead by example and to build strong group rapport through music that is challenging, moving and fun.

Lower School Choir

Lower School students participate in music virtually on a daily basis. Every grade has music class either two or three times a week and performs music in chapel every week.  In class students explore music from a cultural and historical perspective and also learn fundamentals of music theory and ear training. During choir rehearsals, students apply their growing understanding of music theory to reading music. Students develop their vocal strength and independence, and also the ability to express themselves and have fun, as they mature as performing artists. Doane students grow in their ability both to lead and to cooperate by working together as a performing ensemble. Lower School students sing in annual concerts both within the Doane community and in local venues outside the school, and all grades participate in field trips to see the performing arts in concert.

About the Instructor

Dr. Shelley Sanders Zuckerman comes form a long line of choral and keyboard musicians and has a Masters of Music from Drake University, a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a PhD in Liturgy from Drew University. Dr. Z brings to Doane Academy a passion for enabling people to engage life fully, to mature artistically, and to build communities of mutual respect through music.