We measure the success of our athletic program in many ways. First, we can point to numerous conference championships and successful runs in state tournaments. Winning contributes to the deep sense of school pride exhibited by students – either athletes or those supporting their friends and classmates from the sidelines -- at Doane.

Moreover, success in athletics is found in the lessons learned by our student-athletes from participation in the program, regardless of the win-loss record of a particular team. All students who play on a team at Doane grow as leaders and teammates, gaining an education that they apply in life outside the lines of the field or court.

Looking Back at 2023-2024 

What an amazing year we had. Our small high school of 101 students delivered an exceptional year in sports. Despite our small size, this engaged and committed group fielded ten varsity level sports teams, all of which were competitive in their divisions. The boys’ soccer team won their division. In basketball, the boys reached the Prep B Finals once again, with four student athletes making it to the All State Prep B Basketball team. Additionally, five student athletes were selected for the All State Prep B baseball and softball teams. Across the school year a total of 21 of our student athletes were chosen as BCSL All-Stars.