Campus Life



Education Outside the Traditional Classroom

Throughout grades Primary through 12th, Doane Academy students are provided with an abundance of learning opportunities outside the scope of the traditional classroom. Such opportunities are in conjunction with, or in addition to our more traditional academic program, providing students with more enriching and impactful educational experiences.

Experiences beyond the classroom come in many different forms, whether on field trips, hands-on projects, experimentation, clubs and activities, outdoor discovery, exploration, summer programs, character development, leadership, performing arts, community service, engagement and more.

A small school environment like Doane Academy is the ideal setting for such dynamic and plentiful programming. At Doane Academy, every student has the ability to grow and participate fully.

We honor our location on the Delaware River by teaching students not just about the importance of the river in Burlington but along its entire 400-mile length. Our young artists learn the techniques and principles of humanist realism from our unique partnership with Studio Incamminati, one of the nation’s foremost schools of art. Students immerse themselves in the study and practice of ethical leadership throughout their years at Doane. In the gym, on the river, and on our athletic fields, where we proudly celebrate both student participation and our numerous Penn-Jersey Athletic Association titles, Doane student-athletes understand the bond between character development and athletic success. They analyze the interaction between ethical, financial, and scientific concerns in developing sustainable practices, they study what makes leadership figures different, they recognize that leadership can take many forms, and they apply these leadership skills to the completion and implementation of a community action research project in a field about which they are passionate.

Students at Doane Academy seek to make meaningful, positive change in their communities. They do so with the support of a school family in which every member is nurtured and sustained with love, compassion, and respect. We look forward to welcoming you on your visit to our campus so you can learn more about the extraordinary difference that a Doane education can make in your life.