Character and Leadership

Doane Academy is committed to maintaining character and leadership development as a priority equal to academic achievement.

Both in and out of the classroom, a Doane education guides students to define the most positive version of themselves and challenges them to cultivate the integrity needed to stay true to this ideal form.

Faculty members are dedicated to providing the love and support that can both inspire young people to seek their best selves and give them the strength to be resilient in the face of challenges and disappointments. Through the many curricular and extra-curricular opportunities afforded to them, students at Doane test and ultimately redefine their limits as individuals. As they come to fully appreciate and value themselves, they gain the ability to expand the circumference of their empathy to include the entire community and inspire its members. This inspiration can take many forms and be accomplished through many methods, and students will come to see the unique ways in which they can become leaders as they grow older and stronger. Be it as an athlete in competition, a student in the classroom, a member of the Student Government, or a performer in the Arts, each Doane student finds their leadership opportunity and is encouraged to seize it.

Doane’s School Family program, which connects students to each other across all grade levels, is a particularly innovative way of encouraging young people to develop empathy and a sense of community. Moreover, required Lean Onward courses help students recognize their academic studies as part of fulfilling the larger goal of building character.