Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

At Doane Academy, we know that achievement and fulfillment are inextricably tied to issues of health and wellness. Students can only reach their unique potential if they are surrounded with the kind of love and support that allow them to feel valued, safe, and resilient.

Through the advisor program, curriculum, and learning services, Doane guides students from the Primary program to the senior class to make wise choices regarding issues of mental health, conflict management, peer pressure, social media use and digital citizenship, stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, substance use and abuse, bullying, and sexuality. Seniors graduate prepared not only for the academic rigor of college but also for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

School Counselors

Doane employs two full-time school counselors, which results in an exceptional student to counselor ratio. Our counselors provide important support to students at all grade levels. Through age-appropriate workshops and group and one-one-one counseling sessions, the counselors empower students to better advocate for themselves and help parents and faculty members better understand the children they are raising together. Personal and public emotional trauma are unfortunate but real parts of life, and the counseling team serves as a critical resource in helping students grow from these experiences. They also serve as a key liaison with outside mental health professionals.

Learning Specialists

Doane provides students who may need additional academic assistance with several important resources. We have on-campus access to both a reading specialist and a speech therapist who consult with faculty members and division heads to recognize students in need of support in these areas. In addition, a tutor works one-on-one with students having specific challenges in a given subject or set of subjects. These specialists, along with of Doane’s faculty and staff, work together to craft Individualized Education Programs for students who learn differently from their peers, and the school updates these plans with student specific goals yearly so that each applicable student develops an increasingly positive sense of ownership over their learning process.

School Nurse

There is a registered nurse on campus during the entirety of the school day. The nurse maintains medical records for all students, administers medication, completes routine health monitoring, and provides care for anyone feeling unwell. The nurse’s constant and calm presence is a critical part of helping students feel comfortable and cared for during the school day.

Certified Athletic Trainer (full-time)

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2022-2023 Medical Forms

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