Annual Fund


Next time you're on campus, you'll be thrilled to see how much our campus is changed because of donor generosity

Contributions to Doane Academy receive prompt acknowledgement and receipts. Donors are listed in the Annual Report, which is published by the Development Office at the close of each fiscal year and mailed to the school community in the fall.

Every year Doane Academy trustees, alumni, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents, and friends of the school join in making tax-deductible gifts to the Annual Fund for Doane Academy. The Annual Fund is the school’s top philanthropic priority because it directly supports the school’s greatest assets – our students and teachers. Contributions from you enable us to continually improve our campus; provide rigorous academic, athletic and cultural programs; and maintain quality faculty. These gifts touch the lives of students and teachers at Doane Academy every day. Thanks to the wide-ranging academic, arts, athletic, and extracurricular offerings, each Doane Academy student has a personal experience, which shapes the student into the person that he or she will become. Those experiences are shared by alumni, parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty and staff. In other words, the Annual Fund supports opportunities at Doane Academy.

Recently, donor contributions led to the creation of the Newbold Resource Center and The St. Mary’s Hall Parlor; both of which are in our new building, Rowan Hall. Rowan Hall was also constructed due to a generous donor contribution. These additions, and more, give our students countless opportunities to grow and excel. Unlike public and parochial schools, Doane Academy is entirely dependent on income from tuition, and the Annual Fund to provide a balanced budget. Every member of the Doane Academy community is asked to contribute to the Annual Fund. Please join us and support Doane Academy. The fundraising year for Doane Academy runs from July 1 through June 30.

Your gift to the Annual Fund will support


  • Academic Programs
  • The Arts
  • Athletics
  • Faculty/Staff Professional Support
  • Financial Aid
  • Technology

To thank our Annual Fund donors,

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