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Chelsea Colatriano

Earlier this week the 10th grade Sustainability Class toured the the Burlington County Recycling Center in Westampton, and the Rutgers EcoComplex in Florence. They are exploring our current systems of food, energy, materials and waste - which operate on linear trajectories, or cradle-to-grave, and learning about innovations to shift our current systems to more circular, or cradle-to-cradle approaches. On this trip, they learned about real world initiatives here in Burlington County to create more sustainable solutions for waste, food and energy, including utilizing the biogasses from the landfill to produce electricity. They also toured greenhouses that are heated with the energy from the landfill - essentially growing produce year round with "free" energy.

The final photo shows another innovative approach to dealing with waste. Biosolids from Burlington County comes to this composting center. Here, it is processed and then resold as a high nutrient soil amendment. The photo shows a series of bays that the biosolids are in, where they are composting at a high temperature that is ensures that all pathogens are killed. It is the largest biosolid composting center on the eastern seaboard.

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