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Jack Newman

Brian Pollard '19 returned to our campus today to speak with two Biochemistry classes on the subject of biochem. (including his current studies which have shown him how protein manipulation has moved to the cutting edge of cancer treatment research). He was also eager to share his insights into how upper school students might make the most of their time here, as well as to share his insights into college life.

Brian is in the Honors program at Rutgers and is majoring in Biochemistry. While at Doane he successfully completed A.P. Chemistry as a 10th grader, a rare accomplishment. In fact it was his first AP class and he earned a 4 on the AP exam and also earned a perfect 800 on the SAT II Chemistry exam. While at Doane, Brian took advantage of Doane's numerous AP offerings,
having taken 8 AP courses. Brian closed his time in the classroom today by speaking of how his mentors and his experiences at Doane prepared him well for college.
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