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Jack Newman

Students of Dr. Paradis' Ethical Leadership class were honored to welcome Brigadier General James P. Wong (retired) to their classroom. Brigadier General Wong served our country from 1984 through 2018, and has been stationed in Germany, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Korea, and Afghanistan. Among his many awards and decorations are the Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

General Wong discussed with the students his many years of experience, as well as the definition, styles and challenges of leadership. Students asked him a number of thought provoking questions including, "What do you do if you receive an order that you feel is wrong?" General Wong responded that there are two things to consider in that kind of situation. First, if the order is illegal, then one MUST report it. Second, if one receives an order going against their moral and ethical standards, then one can refuse that order. Leadership, he illustrated, can come in many forms, from those giving orders, and at times from those (correctly) refusing orders.

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