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Jack Newman

Doane Academy has completed the acquisition of the Boudinot School property, located directly across West Pearl Street from our present campus. The acquisition increases the size of Doane's campus by approximately 15 percent and provides room to expand our facilities and programs to better serve our students and faculty.

This is truly a historic milestone in the 182-year history of our school. The property we acquired was once owned by St. Mary's Hall, as Doane was originally named, and many of our graduates from the 1950s recall the land being used at that time for our athletic program. In 1955, however, the school made the decision to sell the property to the city, which in the early 1960s, then constructed the Boudinot elementary school. The school closed in July, 2018, and was put up for sale by the Board of Education later that year. The property Doane acquired includes two lots, separated by Ellis Street, including where the former Boudinot School stands.

This purchase is about our past, as it reunites us with property that was once part of our campus, but it's much more about our future. Keeping in mind the priorities of our Strategic Plan -- Right Onward 2023 -- we will spend the coming months studying how the newly acquired property can best help us to continue to develop and support transformative academic and extracurricular programs for our school community.

This campus expansion is an important investment in the bright future of Doane Academy. Right Onward!

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