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Jack Newman

Michael Russell (Director of Studies and Academic Innovation)
and four Upper School students traveled to Washington DC on October 23rd to present at the 6th Annual STEM Pathways Summit, hosted by SmartBrief Education. The STEM Pathways Summit is a one-day event that explores real-world ways to address the current issue of students' STEM skills gaps in the U.S. and works to guide them toward resources and pathways toward STEM field careers. In this instance, Doane students flipped the traditional workshop and instead led a group of educators, authors, consultants, and reporters through a 'jam session' workshop. Doane students oversaw this group of people, who normally have little chance to interact with each other, as they worked together to create solutions to design challenges. The students provided the design challenges and then served as 'project leads' throughout the process. Kanoe Namahoe, Editorial Director at SB Education noted of the Doane students, "Poised, intelligent & mature, they held their own as they led teams of educators through lesson-planning jam sessions." She added, "They will take the world by storm.

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